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The Lightware Device Updater (LDU) and its new release, the Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2) can be used to update Lightware devices to the latest available firmware. This is a fairly simple process, in most cases all you need to do is to connect your device and let the software application perform the rest of the process automatically.

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Universal operation

The two software applications, LDU and LDU2 are used to update Lightware products: in the download section you may find the list of devices compatible with either LDU or LDU2. Download and install one of the two LDU applications compatible with your device. You may also need to directly download the firmware file required for the update as well.

Firmware packages

All supported devices have their respective firmware packages, containing all necessary information to update your device. Firmware packages are released frequently, and can also be obtained from our support team ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Auto update

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When LDU or LDU2 is installed on computers with internet access, the software can check if there is a newer version available online and notifies you to download and run the update. Please note that auto update might not be available for all supported devices for the moment, but the auto-update feature may be added at a later time.


Cross platform support



LDU and LDU2 both support Windows and OS X operating systems.


Download Lightware Device Updater (LDU) or Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2)
for Windows or MAC.

Please download LDU2 if you wish to update any of these products:

  • TPS Extenders
    • UMX-TPS-TX120, UMX-TPS-TX130, UMX-TPS-TX140
  • Optical Extenders
    • HDMI20-OPTC-TX220-Pro, HDMI20-OPTC-RX220-Pro, HDMI20-OPTC-TX220-Fox, HDMI20-OPTC-RX220-Fox
  • Switchers
    • UMX-HDMI-140
  • AV Over IP
    • UBEX-PRO20-HDMI-F100, UBEX-PRO20-HDMI-F110
    • UBEX-MMU-X200
  • Matrices
    • MX2-8X8-HDMI20-Audio-L
    • MX2-16x16-HDMI20-Audio, MX2-16x16-HDMI20, MX2-16x16-HDMI20-Audio-R, MX2-16x16-HDMI20-R
    • MX2-24x24-HDMI20-Audio, MX2-24x24-HDMI20, MX2-24x24-HDMI20-Audio-R, MX2-24x24-HDMI20-R

Please download LDU for all other Lightware devices.

Download the latest version of the Lightware Device Updater (LDU)
for Windows or MAC.

Latest Version: v1.5.3b4 (2018. 08. 31.) Release Notes

Download the latest version of the Lightware Device Updater 2 (LDU2)
for Windows or MAC.

Latest Version: v2.7.1b3 (2020. 12. 18.) Release Notes


LDU User’s Manual

To learn more about LDU, download its User’s Manual with clear and easy-to-understand diagrams and screenshots. Please note that detailed user instructions for LDU2 can be found within the User’s Manuals of the compatible products.



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